Home Remedies For Fleas

Home Remedies For FleasUndoubtedly, if you are a pet owner trying to get rid of fleas without having to resort to toxic remedies, it can prove to be an extremely difficult experience. Home remedies can prove to be less effective and can take longer to be effective, however, with a little perseverance, home remedies can work for you without having to endanger your life and that of your pet. Below, we look at four popular  home remedies for fleas:

  1. Adding vinegar to your pet’s water – Apple cider vinegar is extremely useful in getting rid of fleas. Simply add a bit of it to your pet’s drinking water and you will soon notice that your pets are no longer prone to fleas.
  2. Original bath oil by Avon – For years, Avon’s original bath oil has widely been used as a great remedy for preventing fleas in pets. Besides being cheaper than numerous commercial flea drops, it has a variety of uses and is effective either in diluted or undiluted form. Originally used for bathing, Avon bath oil is highly effective not only for your dry skin, but for animals as well.
  3. Flea spray recipe – The flea spray recipe consists of 1-gallon vinegar, ½-gallon water, 16 oz. lemon juice, and 8 oz. witch hazel (easily available at any pharmacy). This recipe should be sprayed on pets, carpets, and other infested areas every 7 days for at least 3 weeks. You will be amazed at how effective the flea spray recipe is in comparison to chemical sprays that do not completely get rid of fleas.
  4. Use dawn and salt to kill fleas – To eradicate fleas in your home, try putting lots of salt in your carpet and then leave it for about 24 hours before vacuuming. If you keep this up every other day, your home is sure to be free of fleas. Alternatively, you could bathe your cats and dogs in dish detergent such as Dawn at least once a week. Not only is this cheaper than pet shampoos, but it is also known to kill fleas on contact.

Feel free to share your results as well as the home remedies you use. Together we can all help each other git rid of that annoying flea infestation.

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  1. alana says:

    Hoovering the house and treating the soft furnishings in the house is great for your strategy I also find that frontline works really well for my flea treatment for cats or flea treatment for any other pet.

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